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Why Music Heals…

by Alex King-Harris

These days there is a tremendous amount of study being done on the healing effects of music in an effort to determine wether or not it can be reiled upon to truly help bring health and vitality back into the body.

I’ve read many articles and heard many trains of thought that suggest certain frequencies are capable of producing very specific effects within the body. However exploring concepts regarding a highly specialzed form of matter manipulation through the power of sympathetic vibration and resonance is a very westernized view of what music is and why it is such a powerful force in our lives.

a0230387232_10Let’s take a step back for a moment to analyze this: Human beings have come to the end of a great cycle, where attempts to manipulate and control the external world have triggered a global extinction event on an unprecendented level. Every day, hundreds of species are dissapearing forever and vast areas of our world are being tortured, burned and destroyed in the name of material progress.

To be able to fully understand the gravity of this situation, one must begin a personal healing journey by grieving the loss of our world as we know it.

There are few forces on the planet that allow us to feel the depth of this grief and one of them is sympathetic vibration. If and when our nervous system is given signals that it is safe to access and feel such profoundly deep and powerful feelings, then magical things begin to happen. This can be done by the touch of a hand from someone who has done their own grief work and is comfortable being with feelings of loss, anger, rage, frustration, which all lead to acceptance and surrender if we can go far enough into them.

Music is essentially an invisible hand that puts is in touch with the undeniable fact that we are connected to all things, and a part of a greater whole in which we have a divine purpose. Our goal with the limited time we have on this planet is to align or ‘tune’ ourselves to this purpose so that we can know ourselves, know the Divine and be of service to others who suffer.

This is the true healing power of music. In my personal experience of studying vibration for over 20 years, there are no magical frequencies that are going to destroy cancer cells, no particular notes that will resonate your liver back into health… these again are very externalized concepts that reveal a fundamental truth about our modern world: we have no idea how to grieve the death of our current ecosystem, and no cultural methods for facing the loss of loved ones with grace and dignity. Our response to such an emergency is to continue efforting control, extering force over the external world in the blind hope that we will somehow magically discover a cure for everything that ails us.

As a music healer, my job is to bring ‘sacred’ vibrations into a situation where there is separation, fear and anxiety. These frequencies register within the nervous system through the power of sympathetic vibration, and remind us at a very deep level that it’s safe to become present with our eomtional body. I know from practice that certain combinations of melody, harmony and rhythm will encourage and remind the nervous system to become present in the moment, and grant people the strength and faith to dive deeply into feelings that have otherwise been shut off or ignored because they threaten the ego’s ability to survive and remain productive on a human level. There is nothing wrong with this, but over time if such feelings aren’t felt to completion they wreak havock within our bodies and/or on this planet – as the two are inexorably linked.

The reason music does this is because it is a fundamental expression of the Divine. All music is guided by proportions and relationships that are at the core of how our Universe creates, sustains and destroys form… underneath all of that phenomenal activity is a binding current of energy that connects everything to everything else. Music is simply a very beautiful expression of these forces in action.

All disease comes from resisting what is. All healing comes from surrendering, accepting, and ultimately realizing that control is an illusion… peace and happiness comes from letting go – not holding on. The propensity towards health far exceeds our ability to self-annihilate, so when we do finally open up to the power of life by feeling everything – the good, the bad and the ugly, then life can do it’s work and bring us back into vital health – no magic pills required.

In some cases, the healing occurs by embracing death – by accepting that your human body no longer has the strength to heal physical maladies. This is not a bad thing, for dying in grace, with no fear, helps heal the collective wound we as humans have around not being able to let go and live life on life’s terms. It sends a ripple out into the collective consciousness that it’s OK to die, OK to embrace the inevitable.

So when I read an article about wether or not music can heal, I often chuckle to myself. That is not the question to be asking… the question is — are we as a species going to be able to completely feel the gravity of the situation we’re in, before life on this planet changes so drastically that humans are no longer welcome to be here.

The right music, in the proper energetic container, allows people to open up to the vital energetic flows of life, and these flows are the source of all healing. When cut off from them, we wither and die… when in open contact with them we heal and transform.

So next time you’re struggling to accept something – try listening to music that soothes you… try singing a lament to the fact that we’re all going to die but very few people are willing to embrace that before life forces them to. See what that does for you – and if you can fully open to that, then you already know the answer – music IS healing. It’s just a question of wether we’re ready to truly listen…

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