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Our Top 5 Playlists For Your Autumn Yoga Practice

Our Top 5 Playlists for Your Autumn Yoga Practice

We’ve handpicked the best playlists for your autumn yoga practice – whether you’re in the mood for a grounding, restorative practice, or moving to an upbeat flow – we’ve got the right mix for you!

Fall is a transitional time. As the earth browns ever so slightly, the trees and greenery begin to undress in anticipation of the impending winter. When temperatures become brisk, we find ourselves yearning for creature comforts – that warm cup of coffee begins to feel so good between our hands!

There’s much to love about fall, but if you find yourself a bit unsettled with the changing of seasons, you’re not alone.

According to Ayurveda, there are three primary doshas, or energies. Just as each person and body type has a predominating dosha, so does each season. Autumn is characterized by the Vata dosha, because its elements are marked with some of the qualities belonging to Vata – cold, dry, moving, and light.  Because of Vata’s association with the nervous system, its state is often reflected in our mental health – which is why we can feel a bit uneasy and anxious with the arrival of autumn.

Regardless of your dosha type, all types are vulnerable to Vata imbalances during this season – and those sensitive to our seasonal shifts may even experience insomnia, dry skin, constipation, and anxiety.

As we honour these internal inclinations for warmth and hearth with the changing of seasons, we must adjust our practice and lifestyle to draw our energy back into our roots – just as the trees are doing.

Here are some ways to feel grounded:

Try to wake up at the same time every day

The simple practice of rising at a regular time will help you develop a consistent routine and will assure that your sleep is abundant and restful.

 Eat warming foods

 Say “yes” to warming, nourishing soups, stews, and casseroles, and consume less raw salads and chilled smoothies. Drink herbal ginger tea throughout the day for its soothing, warming properties.

 Try a gentle body massage

 Incorporate a 5-minute body massage with warming oil, such as sweet almond or sesame. This will help encourage mind-body connection and can help relieve feelings of anxiety.

 Consider a heated yoga practice

 Bikram and Moksha studios tend to increase in traffic in fall. The heat in these rooms can encourage deep relaxation, as well as encourage the loosening of your joints, letting us stretch and bend our bodies to their fullest capacities. Just be sure to practice safely within your abilities, and to stay hydrated.

Incorporate These 5 Playlists into Your Fall Yoga Practice

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