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Survival as a Species by Searching for the Soul

The ultimate destiny we all face in this life is to know ourselves at deeper and deeper levels: “To thine own self be true”. For many people, the word Soul is a representation of that deep part of ourselves that is akin to God (which I use in the broadest possible sense of what a ‘power greater than yourself’ means to you). At times in our lives when we are in a phase of deepening, both yoga and music can be powerful tools of self reflection and of surrendering into a more profound connection with our Soul and thus with God.

In sanskrit, the word Atma means Soul, but it also means Breath. Thus, yoga engages our bodies in a breath-centered practice that encourages connection with the Soul of our being. Music, often described as ‘having soul’ also expresses this divine connection between the deepest part of ourselves and that which is omnipresent and connected to everything.

3f8739a6-baf2-462d-a3ce-8faf26d8c7a8So the question I often ask myself is, why should I have to do any soul seeking in my life? Why am I not born with the connection to my soul completely intact as it’s the most vital and profound relationship I have. Such is the mystery of life revealed… we are here to experience a profound and total separation from God. In doing so we must learn how to live in this human reality by nurturing our beings to a state of re-connection with that divine source. When Christianity says that the original sin was being born, I’d challenge that to say that the original pain we experience in being ‘conceived’ was of being separated from God. It’s our destiny in life to consciously connect back to God by practicing ways of diving deep within ourselves, deep into the root of our Soul and experiencing the feeling of God from within.

What stops us? Suffering. An instinctual resistance to pain and anguish. Survival mechanisms that have served us for millennia are trying their best to protect us from scenarios that we deem to be out of our control. It takes a profound shift in awareness to understand that the ultimate protection we can create for ourselves is to align with God by deepening the connection to our Soul.

Yoga and music can both help us do this… and there are of course so many other ways. Prayer, meditation, dance, connection with loved ones, spending time in nature, embracing our darkest shadows in a courageous and truthful personal inventory. By shining the light of consciousness on our personal suffering, energy moves and is liberated from the shackles of resistance to what is.

All this may seem rather philosophical, but it’s exactly why we were here. To PRACTICE this. We live in practice, not perfection. The art of yoga, and the art of music are two profound ways to practice connecting to God through the vessel of our Soul. As we create a more enlivened body, the soul shines more brightly through our bodies and out into the world, thus illuminating the path for others without having to preach any dogma or claim any external truth.

What’s at stake? The world as we know it. We are at the breaking point of trying to survive on basic instinct alone. The light of the Soul, and our connection to God is the ONLY thing that will allow us to evolve past this blind threshold and into a new era of unprecedented, collective expression of the divine. Arguing back and forth about what God is and why we’re all here is simply adding fuel to the survival fire, which always burns us in the end.

So breathe, slow down, take the time to go inward, search for your soul. Use yoga, music, meditation and all the tools in your tool belt to get there. When you need a reminder, call a dear friend who knows this path to be true and talk about what gets in the way. Love yourself into awakening so that you can love the world into the very same state. If enough of us walk the path, we might just survive long enough to see a total rebirth of humanity in which we all get to thrive. If not, at least we’ll die knowing we did our best, not fearing that which we cannot control. Embracing our destiny as infinite souls having a mortal, human experience.

written by

Alex King-Harris


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