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Pioneering New Online Course Unites Yoga And Writing

Pioneering new online course unites yoga and writing

If you’re a yogi who loves to write, David Holzer’s The Secret Writing Mantra DailyOM course is for you.

David is a professional writer and dedicated yogi whose yoga practice completely transformed his writing. “Yoga enables me to tap into inspiration every time, without having to wait for my muse to show up,” he says. “It’s made me fearless about going deeper into my writing, helped me direct my focus. I’ve become more disciplined. I use my breath to write in a healthier way. And there are plenty of other benefits.”

On a mission to share

The Secret Writing Mantra is the latest, most ambitious, development in David’s mission to share what he’s learned about the remarkable power of yoga to transform writing. He’s been teaching workshops and mentoring other writers who have become converts to yoga-writing for the last couple of years.

Elisa Malinverni, a yoga teacher working on a book exploring the potential for yoga to treat addiction who works with David, says of his method, “When you step out of the way and open up the space, then what needs to be written can come through.”

Monika Evans, another of David’s students, adds “David is a very thoughtful and gentle teacher with a deep knowledge of the subject. I was definitely inspired to go deeper into the practice of yoga and writing!”

What can you expect from The Secret Writing Mantra?

David’s approach is built on a simple sequence that can be done by yogis of all abilities and prepares your body, mind and spirit to write.

The course is grounded the science of yoga. It also emphasizes the power of mindfulness to help writers find their all-important voice and overcome any fears they might have about expressing themselves in writing.

As you might expect, mantra is especially important. “For me,” David says, “finding my own writing mantra was key to understanding myself as a writer and realizing the direction in which I wanted to go with my writing.”

Find out more about The Secret Writing Mantra here.

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