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International Temple Body Arts Day 2017: Get The Scoop With Sofiah Thom!

International Temple Body Arts Day 2017: Get the scoop with Sofiah Thom!


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Sofiah! We are so excited to hear about this event. Tell us, what is the Temple Body Arts Day and when does it happen ?   

International Temple Body Arts Day is a Free Global Online Event happening on August 2nd!
On this special day, you will be joining thousands of women from around the world as we move and express our innate power, wisdom and divine essence together for the day.
I have created a Temple Body Arts Journey to guide you into connecting and expressing your divine essence which will be sent to your inbox on August 2nd.
I’ll be broadcasting live from a San Diego based studio from 10am-5pm PST, along with 6 other Temple Body Artists. You can watch us live through the webcam or join one of the FB LIVES from inside our FB Group.

What is the intention behind this event ?

To inspire you to shine your brilliance with the world!
To awaken as many women (and men if they are inspired) to the power, wisdom and mystery living within their bodies. To birth a new paradigm collectively, one that is rooted in love and guided by grace.
To celebrate sisterhood, to know our own value and to see each others value.
To embody love.

Sofia Thom - Temple Body Arts Day 4

Looking at the list of women involved there are too many to mention everyone, but can you pick three and tell us who they are and why they inspire you ?

Yes, we are truly blessed to have such incredible women sharing their presence and embodied wisdom with all of us for Temple Body Arts Day!
So, you not only get the Temple Body Arts Journey, but each day I am featuring one beautiful visionary embodied leader’s voice for a month.

Among all of the incredible women, I want to mention Holly Rhiannon who runs a priestess path program rooted in Earth Wisdom. She shares about the power of August 2nd as a portal day of initiation, which is called Lughnasadh in Gaelic tradition and is the half way point between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. In our conversation, we learn how the Earth and her cycles are supporting us in all stepping through a portal to allow ourselves to be seen in our mastery and say YES to what we are calling in!

We have the power to activate the ancient feminine codes that are living in our Temple Bodies, through consciously moving through this portal day!

Another incredible woman featured is Leyolah Antara, the creator of Kundalini Dance. In our conversation, she shares how to reclaim sexual power as a sovereign force through self forgiveness, cleansing the womb space and disconnecting from past stories. I am deeply inspired by and feel an affinity for what Leyolah has created and birthed with Kundalini Dance.

I’d also like to share about my conversation with Laura Hollick, one of my biggest muses and inspirations for birthing the Temple Body Arts Project. She is the creator of Soul Art and her creative genius inspires me every time I connect with her as a person and her artistic offerings in the world. Laura has truly mastered her creative power through connecting to her body, her iconic essence and her art as healing.

These are just a few illustrations of the incredible women I have interviewed for Temple Body Arts Day.


Can you tell us about the Temple Body Arts Teacher Training you have coming up in September ?

Yes! I am very excited to hold the first Temple Body Arts Guide Certification Training this September 2017. This is a 10-day in person initiation and immersion hosted at my retreat center, Danyasa Eco- Retreat in Costa Rica.
This training is for women who are already on the path of embodiment and are ready to take their leadership and facilitation to the next level.
This training specifically focuses on practices for  Embodying Womb Wisdom and Reclaiming Sexual Sovereignty.
I will be taking this intimate group of 16 women on a journey to embody and reclaim their power and then certify them to pass on my practices and philosophies through their own voices as Temple Body Arts Guides.
I also include a Six Month Online Temple Body Arts Mentorship beginning in November as part of this Certification Course.
This online Mentorship Course is open to any woman who feels the call to awaken to her feminine mysteries held in the body.
This has been intentionally designed for all women, whether they want to become Guides of this work and step into greater levels of embodied leadership or if they are just starting to explore their inner realms and looking for guidance and inspiration in the process.
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