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Loving the app! SLO based yogini Tulsi Bagnoli shares some yoga music insights.

julia-tulsi-bagnoli-yoga-tm-trancendental-mediaiton-teacher1“I live with my lips pressed against my edge and with my heart yearning to remain open. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.'” – Tulsi Bagnoli

Q: How do you sync your teaching flow with your playlist?

A: I conduct my classes based on my intuitive sense of each students needs and with where the flow of the music guides me. I feel out my students and usually pick the playlist at the beginning of class. I allow the music and my inner feeling experience of the class to guide us on a unique experience in Self exploration. When the music ebbs and flows, so does the asana and energy in the class.

Q: How does music play a role in what you do?

A: I only began using music in my classes in the past 7 years and have found that it is an intricate part of my teaching practice. Music has a way of expressing the inexpressible magic that we are aiming to tap into during our sadhana (practice). The music beckons one deeper into the experience of the self, away from the changing world… From the ever-changing we are guided back to the non-changing. Music I feel is a link that tangibly expresses the essence of one’s true nature and therefore is a perfect vessel for stitching the divine into our yoga practice.

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