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5 Musical Meditations To Try With Your Kids

5 Musical Meditations to Try with your Kids

By Tori Rose

For nearly 20 years, bestselling musicians Deva Premal & Miten have travelled the world singing mantras with people from all walks of life, including moms, stepdads, grandmas, nannies, kids, and even newborns. One thing that parents and other caregivers have told them, time and again, is that the mantras, or sacred sound formulas, “create an ambiance of rest, comfort, and an underlying sense of safety for their children,” says Miten. Deva Premal knows this firsthand; when she was young, her father taught her how to chant the Gayatri Mantra with him every night as a lullaby. (Little did she know that her bedtime routine would eventually lead her to Osho’s ashram, and to her beloved Miten, so that they could become mantra messengers together!)

If you’d like to teach your children to meditate, singing mantras together can be a beautiful way to introduce them to the practice. Here are five easy-to-learn mantras you can chant with your kids, which are drawn from Deva Premal & Miten’s new album, Mantras for Life. You can start by choosing one that resonates with your children and chanting the mantra together 108 times.

Also this week, WhiteSwan Records founder and owner Parmita Pushman has put together a special ‘Chanting with Kids’ playlist of family-friendly songs by Deva Premal & Miten, David Newman, Brenda McMorrow, and other WhiteSwan artists.

To Bless Your Children

Sing the Kumara Mantra:
Om Kumara Kushalo Dayayei Namaha

How To Pronounce it:
Ohm Kooh-mah-rah Koosh-ah-loh Dih-yih-yay Nah-mah-hah

What it Means:
“Salutations to the Divine Mother who brings blessings to children.”

Chant It When:
You’d like to sing a blessing for the children in your life—whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, a babysitter, or a schoolteacher. If your child struggles to wind down and go to sleep at night, try singing it to him or her as a lullaby. It can become a peaceful part of your bedtime routine together.

What It Does:
The Kumara mantra is a sacred lullaby for children of all ages, races and creeds. “It gives us a chance to honor the new generation and to pass on what wisdom we have found, so that they may continue making the Earth a more beautiful, peaceful place,” says Deva Premal.

To Help Your Children Focus & Be Creative

Chant the Saraswati Mantra together:
OM Eim Saraswatayei Namaha

How to Pronounce it:
Ohm I-am Sah-rah-svah-tyay Nah-mah-hah

What It Means:
“OM and salutations to Saraswati (the goddess of music, poetry, the arts, education, learning and divine speech).”

Chant It When:
Your children are getting ready to go to school or do their homework at night—especially if they’re struggling to settle down and focus. This mantra can quiet their minds and pave the way to better learning and creativity.

What It Does:
The Saraswati Mantra opens us (and our children) towards “education, learning, spiritual knowledge, and the artistic realms of music and poetry,” says Miten. On a spiritual level, he and Deva Premal add, you can offer this mantra “as a gift to your children, that they may be at ease while learning the wonders of this unfolding mystery of life.”

To Teach Your Children How to Honor Mother Earth

Chant the Niyamaya Mantra together:
OM Niyamaya Namaha

How To Pronounce It:
Ohm Nee-yah-mih-yah Nah-mah-hah

What It Means:
“Salutations to the governor of the laws of nature and their conduct.”

Chant It When:
Try chanting the Niyamaya Mantra when you’d like teach your children the value of connecting to (and honoring) Mother Earth. The practice can also serve as a springboard for talking about environmental issues and the importance of treading lightly on the planet.

What it Does:
This mantra celebrates and honors “the perfect order of nature, and our earthly existence as humans on sacred mother earth,” write Deva Premal & Miten in their Mantras for Life liner notes.

To Bless Your Pets & Foster a Love for Animals

Chant the Pashupati Mantra together:
OM Pashupatayei Namaha

How To Pronounce It:
Ohm pahsh-oo-pah-tah-yay nah-mah-hah

What It Means:
“Salutations to the governor of the laws of nature and their conduct.”

Chant It When:
You want to teach your children a simple, spiritual way to show your love and respect for animals. You can also use sing it together as a blessing for your household pets.

What It Does:
With this mantra, you can teach your children to consciously attune themselves to “our beloved fellow travelers of the Animal Kingdom,” Deva Premal & Miten explain. It can also pave the way for open-minded discussions about animal welfare, animal rights, and other related topics.

To Help Children Build Strength Through Devotion

Chant the Hanuman Mantra together:
OM Hum Hanumate Vijayam

How To Pronounce It:
Ohm Hoom Hah-noo-mah-tay Vee-jay-ahm

What It Means:
“Victory to the invincible Hanuman.”

Chant It When:
Your children need a boost of energy. The Hanuman Mantra is also a mantra for physical fitness, says Deva Premal. “When we devote our practice of physical exercise to the Great Spirit, it becomes meaningful, inspirational and fulfilling—it becomes true Yoga,” she and Miten observe.

“By invoking prana (life force) with this mantra, our awareness is showered with vigorous energy…an energy so vast and so strong that it opens us to an ecstasy that is beyond our physical human capabilities,” write Deva Premal & Miten in their album’s liner notes. With this mantra practice, you can teach your children how to develop strength through devotion.

Listen to the Hanuman Mantra here.

Mantra music artists Deva Premal & Miten began their journey into love and music in 1990 when they met at the ashram of the controversial Indian mystic Osho. Their best-selling albums have introduced millions of Westerners to the joy and deep relaxation found in spiritually-based songs and in chanting mantras from the Eastern meditation traditions. For more information, visit .

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